About us

The Essential Wellbeing Network has grown from a seedling in 2014 to a network with big plans and lots of exciting ideas for the future. 

With our roots in Aromatherapy and Essential Oils we have experience across a wide range of complementary therapies as well as valuable experience in business which we want to share with you. 

In the future we will be embracing many more therapies and training opportunities and are very excited and positive as we start to see the Network grow.

 Sally Childs

Following an early interest in complementary therapies as a teenager, I embarked on a long and successful career in publishing and advertising until I changed direction following a diagnosis with a serious chronic condition.  I went back to that teenage interest and found that complementary therapies, a natural approach to healthcare and embracing the positives in life were the way forward.  I have taken none of the very toxic pharmaceuticals offered to me and seem to be getting along pretty well without them and feeling much more alive.  I initially trained in Reiki, Indian head massage and Bach Flower Remedies, among other therapies. I am now deeply involved in Aromatherapy and the use of blended oils, which I love.  I am excited about all the possibilities yet to be explored with The Essential Wellbeing Network and I look forward to meeting people that want to explore these opportunities with us.

I am constantly amazed by the powers of natural medicine and I look forward to sharing this knowledge with others.

The circle and cycles of life fascinate me.  In my very first job I worked for the company that published Prediction Magazine and although my career led me a long way from this, here I am again, working in this field and feeling so happy to have come back to my first beliefs and ideas.

Kate Wardman

Coming from spiritual and entrepreneurial parents has stood me in good stead–they had their first residential care home when I was 10, so from an early age I was involved in the business of taking care of people. At 21, I decided to explore the world outside of the family business and entered the corporate world of advertising & publishing, with the last six years in IT project management. In my mid-thirties, I went on a life changing holiday to a retreat centre in Crete – whilst there, I signed up for the job of vegetarian cook for the following season, left my job and never looked back. I have been involved in retreats, therapies and walking my talk ever since!

Following the closure of the retreat centre in 2007, I have been in the UK using my IT skills to run my own business, building websites & providing web consultancy mostly to therapists and small businesses, which I really enjoy. Alongside this, I have been travelling further down my spiritual path, training in various energy treatments including Reiki, Aromatherapy, Flower Remedies, Reyad Sekh Em and Setsukido. I am also the UK distributor for ‘The Guided Journey to Self Mastery’, a spiritual self-development board game from Australia and have promoted this, along with blended essential oil products at various mind, body, spirit shows.

I love networking, meeting like minds, sharing ideas and possibilities and look forward to exploring the potential of The Essential Wellbeing Network.