Aromatherapy Product Making – Advanced Day Two

Create your own Aromatherapy Business!

If you loved the one day product making course then this is for you.  We take the next steps into making products to sell, whether at events, online or in retail.  We look at product compliance requirements, packaging, pricing and marketing.  We also explore our blended oils further, expanding your knowledge across the whole range.

COURSE DESCRIPTION – One day certified course in Aromatherapy Product Making

Required Completion of one day product making course

Main aims of Course

This aromatherapy product making course, serves as a guide to using our Blends (blends of essential oils) professionally and teaches participants to make safe and effective products and treatments using the Blends for their own personal use, their practice or for gifts or retail purposes which are product compliant.

Understanding of the Blends and application of the knowledge gained through participation in the course is assessed by means of a course assessment. Ongoing support is available from ‘The Essential Wellbeing Network’

Successful participants will receive a Certificate on completion of their course assessment enabling you to gain insurance for making products using our Blends.

Main topics covered:

  • Origin and development of the Blends
  • Client Care – Consultation procedure and Contraindications
  • Storage of Essential Oils, Hygiene and Safety
  • Blends and their affinity to particular body systems
  • Effective and appropriate carriers
  • Creating and making appropriate and therapeutic products/treatments
  • Pricing, packaging and marketing and product compliance.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course attendees will be able to:


  • Understand the history and ethos of the Blends and essential oils
  • Understand the difference between perfume essential oils and therapeutic grade essential oils
  • Understand the importance of safety and the correct storage of essential oils and a high level of hygiene while preparing products/treatments.
  • Understand the importance of treating a person holistically and making products taking the “whole” person into consideration

Thinking skills

  • Be able to access (in the course manual) and demonstrate understanding of the contraindications when using essential oils and the Blends
  • Be able to access, understand  and demonstrate the importance of varying dilutions of products and using the appropriate carrier for the person/condition
  • Be able to access and demonstrate an ability to choose an appropriate Blend or combination of Blends

Practical skills

  • Demonstrate their ability to competently make four products using four different types of media

Teaching/learning methods/strategies used to enable the achievement of learning outcomes:

  • Participation in the one day course (following successful completion of the day 1 course in product making
  • Successful completion of course assessment
  • Full support via email/phone to support/answer queries

Cost of the course: £150.00

Participants will receive an Aromatherapy Product Making Certificate – a fully certified and insurable qualification for individuals and organisations in the use and application of these specific blended essential oils.

Next training dates for Day 2:

Shamley Green, nr Guildford:
Thursday May 10th 2018
Friday July 27th 2018
Friday September 21st 2018
Friday November 23rd 2018
Bognor Regis:
Monday 16th April 2018
Sunday 19th August 2018

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