Spinal Aromatherapy – One day course

Spinal Aromatherapy training course for Aromatherapists Back massage is one of the most relaxing and beneficial health and wellness treatments known.  Using essential oils to enhance this treatment makes it a truly holistic offering enabling the use of oils with specific qualities that match the client’s requirements.What if we can go even further and use oils to balance and nurture the entire body through spinal region massage using essential oils and blends that bring together the benefits of colours, of chakras and of course, the therapeutic use of essential oils?

This fascinating one day course looks in depth at how we can link the spine, spinal nerves, muscles and organs by the application of specific essential oils and which techniques are the most effective to do this.

In his book ‘Reading the Body Ohashi’s Book of Oriental Diagnosis’, Wataru Ohashi, the famous shiatsu practitioner says, “The spinal cord looks a lot like a suspension bridge.  There is a fine balance and support among all elements comprising its structure – not only among vertebrae’s but also among all the other body parts, the organs, the muscular system and the skeleton.  If any of these parts loses its balance and well-being, the spinal cord will be affected’

This emphasises perfectly how vital spinal health is related to the whole body and of course how the health of the body affects the spine.

We link this all together and give you a new tool kit for treating and maintaining health by looking after the spine through Aromatherapy.

We will look at:

  • More in depth look at the different areas of the spine
  • Which organs/parts of the body that are associated with the different areas of the spine
  • Different essential oils associated with the different areas
  • Linking the Chakras – essential oils for these specific chakras
  • Linking Colours – essential oils for these specific colours
  • Different massage techniques specific to the spine that can be incorporated into your massage

Join us for this enlightening day to grow your knowledge of the spine and its body links and enhance your practice.

Requirements for the one day course:
Level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy or equivalent.
Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology for Complementary Therapies (or equivalent unit).

Cost for course is £125

Special offer for Essential Wellbeing Network members: £99 including all products used on the day.

Refreshments included, just bring along some lunch.

2018 training dates tbc

Venue:  Bognor Regis, West Sussex

You will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Aromalyne Training.

Contact us for more information and to book.